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Do you enjoy wine but feel intimidated by all the swirling and wine speak? If so, you've come to the right place.

Our events are highly social, educational, and interactive.  And we have a zero wine snobbery policy.  Whether a wine novice or connoisseur, we can all learn something from one another over a glass of wine.


Premier Cru is taking a bet on French soils wines, promising wine-growers (some with very small production) and some others with whom privileged relationships have been developed. PC also represents majors and established vineyards every amateur would be interested in as well as rare and uncommon vineyards giving ? the honor of representing them (extremely rare allowances). PC takes inspiration from L’Hotel des Bains pricing strategy and continously propose attractive prices. The wine selection (mostly previously unseen in Hong-Kong) delights all kind of tastes and interest connoisseurs and amateurs.

Martin and his team regularly shares their “wine crushes” and is always happy to share and discuss about it. Through thematic events, tastings including Vertical and Horizontal, Premier Cru likes to make its customers discover rare gems. 

Attentive to the needs and desires of its diversified clientele, Premier Cru also proposes its assistance to form or fill in wine cellars with its « savoir-faire » and French touch. They also advise which bottles you should open or keep patiently.



« What is  the similarity between a wine cellar and a library? Choosing a bottle, like choosing a book, highlights the soul of the hedonist. » Martin Perino, Founder and Director of Premier Cru. 

  • Premier Cru offers to Hong Kong hedonists to build or complement their wine library.

  • Premier Cru brings to Hong Kong its prestigious list of a thousand references which would suit the needs and taste, from sommeliers to wine lovers starting their journey in the wine galaxy.

  • Premier Cru gives access to a large number of wine allocations Mr. Perino and his family have nurtured for 3 generations.

  • Premier Cru proposes a wide price range and is very committed to guarantee a controlled price policy

Premier Cru | Hong Kong





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Pascal & Martin Perino (Hotel des Bains)


Martin Perino, Founder and Director of Premier Cru, is making his dream a reality in Hong Kong for more than 3 years: share and transmit his Passion and Expertise. Both values, inherited from his father Pascal,  are constantly strengthened through the unique relationship Martin has with the wine makers. They have known Martin since he was born and have become family to him.


Christophe BONNO

our « Master of Pinard »



« Our Brazilian winelover »


Aurélien la saint

our « BURGUNDY Winelover »


Pascal and Martin Perino, father and son.

Restaurant owners from mother to son, then from father to son, for 3 generations, their restaurant in France has become a "regional institution" since the mid-1960s.

The restaurant " Hotel des Bains" (the house dates from 1872) is classified "historic cafe". In the past 10 years, L’Hotel des Bains became an inescapable place of the Rhône-Alpes area, in the field of wine with a cellar with nearly 1500 references, and for his "bistronomic" catering .  And this through hard and passionate work . In recent years, the relationship to gastronomy profoundly changed  in France. The concept of "bistronomy" has become increasingly successful . Its principle: a mix of the sophistication of "gastronomy" and the simplicity of the "bistro". Chef cuisine on affordable plates, generous in portions, simple but with quality products, and served in authentic and friendly places.

The bistronomy gives way to dialogue, exchange between the client and the team, from the boss to the server, through the chef. And the customer is not really one anymore. He is more a part of a wider circle of friends or acquaintances. It is this spirit that we claim and this is the very principle of our restaurant. We are passionate, self-taught and we share with our customers our expertise acquired in the field of wine for over ten years.

In 2010, we were proud to see the quality of our winery and our work recognized and rewarded by the Wine Press in the Senate in Paris. The latest of our different awards was in 2017 when the restaurant Hotel des Bains has been selected as the "Best wine list " in France by the famous "Guide Gault et Millau". This reputation allowed us to intervene, more and more often, as consultants on the creation of private cellars and wine lists for sometimes prestigious restaurants.

"We cultivate this love of wine made of passion, philosophy, respect and proximity with our friends the winemakers."