Beaujolais Blanc Chermette 2017

Beaujolais Blanc Chermette 2017


Region Beaujolais

Viticulture Sustainable Agriculture

Grapes Chardonnay

Vintage 2017

Recommended service Temperature 10 - 12° C

Decanting 5-15min

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About the wine

White Beaujolais remains little-known and is a great wine to surprise and impress your friends with. This Chardonnay is a rarity to discover Wonderful round, rich and fatty, it delicately coats your taste buds. One another particularity that, his Chardonnay is aged in Acacia Oak.

Tasting Note

Eye - bright and limpid.

Nose - Aromas of white flowers, hawthorn, honeysuckle, acacia.

Palate - Round, rich and long tasting. Aromas of grapefruit, white peach or pear, sometimes apricot and in time honey notes.

Classic Food Pairing

As an aperitif, on starters, fish, tuna, salmon, white meats, poultry soufflé and cheese

Background Winery

Domaine Chermette is a family-run wine estate. The Estate is in the Pierres Dorees Golden stone area, in southern Beaujolais. Martine, Pierre Marie and Jean Etienne Chermette make red, rose and white Beaujolais Wines. Most of their Wines are produced from old vines, including Beaujolais Primeur. Both in tending the vines and in vinification, we intervene as little as possible and develop the following methods integrated agriculture, manual harests, successive sorting of the grapes, no use of chemically produced yeasts. This is the traditional Beaujolais vinification method.

We then obtain a perfectly ripe and healthy grape so we can make really natural wine. We use this method because it is perfectly adapted to the gamay grape and our terroir.