Cremant Bourgogne Chermette

Cremant Bourgogne Chermette


Region Burgundy

Viticulture Sustainable Agriculture

Grapes Chardonnay

Vintage NV

Recommended service Temperature 8 - 10° C

Decanting Pop It

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About the wine

This Crémant de Bourgogne is a dry sparkling wine made using a 100% Chardonnay white wine following the traditional method. The limestone-clay soil the vines grow in is perfectly adapted to the Chardonnay grape variety. The assembly of three vintages is a guarantee of balance and quality.

Tasting notes

Eye – White gold

Nose - Blossom bouquet with mineral notes

Palate - The bubbles are fine, making up a pearl-like necklace. Citrus flavours.

Classic Food pairing

As an aperitif, starters poultry confit with pears and dried fruit, main course scallops, river fish. All desserts.

Background Winery

Domaine Chermette is a family-run wine estate. The Estate is in the Pierres Dorees Golden stone area, in southern Beaujolais. Martine, Pierre Marie and Jean Etienne Chermette make red, rose and white Beaujolais Wines. Most of their Wines are produced from old vines, including Beaujolais Primeur. Both in tending the vines and in vinification, we intervene as little as possible and develop the following methods: integrated agriculture, manual harests, successive sorting of the grapes, no use of chemically produced yeasts. This is the traditional Beaujolais vinification method.

We then obtain a perfectly ripe and healthy grape so we can make really natural wine. We use this method because it is perfectly adapted to the gamay grape and our terroir.