Fleurie Poncie Chermette 2016

Fleurie Poncie Chermette 2016


Region Beaujolais

Viticulture Sustainable Agriculture

Grapes Gamay

Vintage 2016

Recommended service Temperature 16 - 18° C

Decanting 10-20min

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About the wine

Very representative of AOC Fleurie, the Queen of the Beaujolais Crus, this cuvee bears the stamp of the terroir of Poncié. The silky tannins and floral aromas give the wine a feminine personality, packed with finesse and suavity. This is a thirst quenching wine, giving immediate pleasure, suited to a wide variety of dishes.
Ranking RVF: 16/20

Tasting notes

Eye - shiny crimson with deep purple tints.

Nose - delicate and floral, fully blown rose, peony, violet

Palate - the silky Poncié tannins give suppleness, delicacy and elegance. Really flavourful. over and above red fruit, you will find notes of toast and undergrowth with an end that is often peppery.

Classic Food Pairing

This cuvée is a great partner to a wide range of dishes. All terrines, perfect with delicate white meat.

Background Winery

Domaine Chermette is a family-run wine estate. The Estate is in the Pierres Dorees Golden stone area, in southern Beaujolais. Martine, Pierre Marie and Jean Etienne Chermette make red, rose and white Beaujolais Wines. Most of their Wines are produced from old vines, including Beaujolais Primeur. Both in tending the vines and in vinification, we intervene as little as possible and develop the following methods: integrated agriculture, manual harests, successive sorting of the grapes, no use of chemically produced yeasts. This is the traditional Beaujolais vinification method.

We then obtain a perfectly ripe and healthy grape so we can make really natural wine. We use this method because it is perfectly adapted to the gamay grape and our terroir.