Givry 1er cru En Veau Joblot 2017

Givry 1er cru En Veau Joblot 2017


Region Burgundy

Viticulture Sustainable Agriculture

Grapes Chardonnay

Vintage 2017

Recommended service Temperature 10 - 12° C

Decanting 25min-40min

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About the wine 

This cuvée is made with fruit from a specific vineyard called “En veau”. This vineyard has an exposition East South and the vine is 15 years old.

Tasting notes

Eye - pale Yellow colour

Nose - Complex aromas, white fruits, with delicate floral an vanille notes 

Palate - This wine give a kind of butter, complex and oaky taste.

Classic Food pairing

Chicken & Turkey.

Background Winery

Domaine Joblot is credit by many for putting Givry on the map, the estate is known as the famost winery on the appellation.

Today Juliette second generation farms 13,5 Hectares planted in the unique Givry Amphitheatre.

Juliette picks based on acidité levels and she is uncompromising when it comes to fruit quality. She has been known to cut to 40% of a vintage if it does not meet her standards.

Joblot wines are plush, spicy and charming. They drink well upon release and have a track record for ageability. 

Since almost 10 years the dynamic Juliette with the help of her dad and uncle bring the quality and the consistency of the wines to the next level. 

For the story the wines of Givry was the favorite of Henri 4 the French King.