Esprit Nature Henri Giraud

Esprit Nature Henri Giraud


Region Champagne

Viticulture Organic

Grapes 80% Pinot Noir/ 20 %Chardonnay

Vintage NV Brut

Recommended service Temperature 8 - 12° C

Decanting Pop It

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About the wine

Our new cuvées express respect for the terroir as a living entity, and embody Champagne Henri Giraud’s own vision of natural wine which is neither a concept void of meaning nor a return to the past, but a pure affirmation of our identity. Thirty years of painstaking work to re-think the fundamentals of Champagne and develop our knowledge of the Argonne forest have strengthened our convictions Wine of Excellence can only emanate from low yields, small recipients and noble raw materials. We are therefore definitively renouncing the use of stainless steel vats for fermenting our grapes in favour of Argonne oak barrels and terra cotta.

80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay With 50% reserve wines matured in small casks made of oak from the forest of Argonne and in ovoid vats.

Ranking WS 92/100

Described by leading wine critic Robert Parkersthe finest Champagne house virtually no one has ever heard of”.

Tasting notes

Eye - Bright Goldy color

Nose - A very Complex Aromas of grapes fruits, Red Berries, Pear, Apricot, White flowers, rose

Palate - Creamy and delicate Palate of brioche with Exotic fruit, mild peppery bitterness and a hint of Vanilla.

Classic Food Pairing

Great Match with rich Fish (Salmon, Tuna) and the richness of the wine Can work well with white Meats or even Pork.

Discovery Food Pairing

Dim sum, Sushi, Tempura

Background Winery

Claude Giraud, the owner of Maison Henri Giraud Champagne, has launched an appeal to the big-name Champagne houses to use more local oak in the production of their wines.

Giraud was speaking at a tasting of his base wines to demonstrate the results of 20 years of research into the effects of soils and microclimates on oak used in barrel-making.

Giraud is the only Champagne house to use only barrels sourced locally, from the Argonne forest, which was once the source of almost all oak used in Champagne making.

We highly recommend the wines of this small house based in famous grand cru Aÿ.