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Wine Crush of the Year

Ventoux Rose, Domaine de Fondreche (Rhone Valley) 2017

Domaine Fondreche is one of the famost Winery from the appellation "AOC Ventoux", 

Since 5 years, The Domaine Fondreche have been recognize by all the critics, for the consistency of all the cuvees. The ventoux Rose from Fondreche is one of the most famous rose in the world and have been recognize in "TOP 50" rose wine in the world (Decanter).

For us definitely the crush of the year for rose, it's refreshing, elegant, with a intense fruit. 

This rose can be great for pairing (BBQ, Pizza, Salads...) or just for the "Apéro", to be enjoyed between friends.

Domaine Lavantureux 2016 (Burgundy)


The young Raising star Arnaud and David Lavantureux have shown remarkable ambition and precision in their work ethic. 

They have increased the family holdings to twenty-one hectares, adding single-vineyard cuvées while constantly striving for more complexity and layered texture in the mineral-driven beauties they produce.


Our crush of the year for Chablis is on the Domaine Lavantureux.

The Petit Chablis is definitely one of the most surprising, it's refreshing, got a great minerality, agrums aromas, great balance.

The raising star of Chablis, have been acclaimed for the consistency of their work since few years.

This Petit CHABLIS will be Great pairing on some oysters or seafood, will do great as well with some cheese.

The spanish wine discovery

Trio infernal, Priorat

Riu Trio Infernal 2014

Grapes: 33% Grenache 33%, Carignan, 33% Syrah 

Riu is a red wine from Priorat (Spain) made by the Famous Trio Infernal, which is a team of the famost French Winemaker (Combier, JM Gerin, P.Fisher).

Riu is a blend of all the young vineyards in the hills of Grenache, Carignan, Syrah. 

Priorat is located 30 km west of Tarragona in the Spanish province of Catalonia. Combier Fischer Gerin Associés wines showcase the delights of Priorat's signature grape Garnacha, alongside Carignan and sum up the virtues of contemporary Spanish winemaking; they are Old World in the soul, tradition-bound wines, yet at the same time they are innovative and provocative. They combine the flamboyant, fruit-forward excitement of modern winemaking with the complexity and power of old vines.

El Casot Trio Infernal 2014

Grapes: 100% Grenache Noir

L'Infernal is a project created in 2002 by three French winemakers, Laurent Combier, Peter Fischer and Jean Michel Gerin, known as the Infernal Trio. They started making wine in Priorat and now own more than 8 hectares of vineyards and their own winery. Their aim has been to make great, balanced and fresh wines, that reflect the landscape surrounding Torroja del Priorat.  

L'Infernal El Casot is made with 100% Garnacha grapes. The vines are planted on slopes, on brown slate (licorella) soils, 380 metres above sea level. Southern orientation. 

How to drink it best:

16-18°c / Decanter 30Min

Pairing: Cold Cuts, Cheese, White meat…

A Unique Discovery from Priorat Made by French Winemakers.

A Unique Discovery from Priorat Made by French Winemakers.

The Wine Box Discovery

Les Sommeliers, bordeaux

« The Merlot »

 Les Sommeliers 2014

Grapes: 100% Merlot 

Our red wine The MERLOT is a blend of Merlot and Cabernet Franc from the right bank of Bordeaux. It is well balanced with a controlled power, soft tannins and dark fruit aromas.

THE MERLOT 主要由產自波爾多右岸的梅洛(Merlot) 和品麗珠 (Cabernet Franc) 釀製而成。酒體平衡帶勁,單寧柔和不澀口,充滿莓子香。

« The Sauvignon »

 Les Sommeliers 2014

Grapes: 100% Sauvignon

Our best seller. This white wine is a delicious blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon also coming from Bordeaux. It is fresh, crisp and smooth which keeps you wanting more!

最受歡迎的一款酒。由同樣來自波爾多的白蘇維濃 (Sauvignon Blanc) 和賽美蓉(Semillion) 混合而成。入口清新細滑微甜,令人禁不住一杯又一杯。

Great Discovery bottle from Bordeaux !

Great Discovery bottle from Bordeaux !