Cote du Roussillon Altair Mas Amiel 2014

Cote du Roussillon Altair Mas Amiel 2014


Viticulture Bio

Grapes White and Grey Grenache, Maccabeu

Vintage 2014

Recommended service Temperature 12 - 14° C

Decanting 30 min

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About the wine

Selections from slopes with acid-limestone-shale soils. Old vines of mix variety white

Tasting notes

Eye - Fresh robe leads

Nose - aromas of bees wax, pear and eucalyptus.

Palate - refreshing palate, great length and grey pepper.

Classic Food Pairing

Oysters, fish or vegetable paté

Discovery Food Pairing

Goat cheese or a pear tart (not too sweet)

Background Winery

1816 : The bishop of Perpignan and wivil engineer Raymond Etienne Amiel ar gambling. The Bishop, perhaps short of money, decided to bet one of his properties, known as Domaine de Gaudous. Luck isn’t on his side, his property changes hands, becoming the acquisition of the engineed. The Property extends across 80 hectares, 10 of which are planted with vines.

1865 : Within 15 years the phylloxera ravaged and detroyed Franc’s wine industry. Camille Gouzy, winegrowing merchant from Millas joined forces with Amiel’s son and offered the inhabitants of the Valley of Agly the possibility of reconstituting their vines by adapting species of American vines. He built on MAS AMIEL a cellar of 20 barrels.

1907 : MAS AMIEL is acquired by Charles Dupuy who decided to develop it until his death in 1916. His son Jean made fortified wines under MAS AMIEL brand. His son Charles, in turn, continued to develop this activity until his death in 1997.

1999 : Back then the Olivier Decelle learns on the vineyard and produces great dry wines. Terras Rares Range is a parcel selection, highlighting the tremendous capacity of Mas Amiel of creating different wines and different stories.

2011 : AOC MAURY SEC is definitly created to identify and to valorize dry wine in front of fortified wine. Because, if fortified wines known sucess during 30’s, Maury vineyard produces dry wines from Middle Age and develop this wine from 1800. In 2011, with LEGENDE cuvée, Mas Amiel launch the first dry wine into Maury Sec Appelation.