Terrasses du Larzac Les Pensees Mas de l'Ecriture 2011

Terrasses du Larzac Les Pensees Mas de l'Ecriture 2011


Region Languedoc

Viticulture Organic

Grapes Grenache 45%, Syrah 30%, Cinsault 15%, Carignan 10%.

Vintage 2011

Recommended service Temperature 18 - 20° C

Decanting 15-30min

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About the wine

Les Pensées has a more feminine, elegant and nuanced style. Cinsault’s subtle red-fruit aromas (strawberry, raspberry, pomegranate) are married with the spicy chocolate notes of Grenache, while a light touch of old Carignan brings power, matched by the finesse of Syrah

Ranking WA 90/100

Tasting notes

Eye -  Dark raspberry colour

Nose - Generous fruits (Strawberry, raspberry), Floral aromas and delicate spices.

Palate - Complex and Well balanced wine between Fruits, spices of Cinamon, Garrigues.

Classic Food Pairing

Red Meats, Especially Lambs with herbs will be an amazing pairing.

Discovery Food Pairing

Chicken or Veal Skewers with Satay Spices (Peanuts)

Background Winery

Le Mas de l’Ecriture is in the south of france, a short drive north of montpellier, on the outskirts of the village of jonquières. we are in the heart of terrasses du larzacappellation.

A unique terroir between the mediterranean and the larzac plateau, on well-draining soil, swept by the mistral and tramontane winds.

The wines of Mas de l’Ecriture are certified Organic since 1 january 2012.

“I could not have made wine before I turned 40; I simply wasn’t ready. It was a question of time, of maturity - or to put it in the wine context, it was a question of ageing”. Pascal Fulla Wine maker