Sauvignon Blanc Eric Louis 2016

Sauvignon Blanc Eric Louis 2016


Region Loire Valley

Viticulture Sustainable

Grapes Sauvignon

Vintage 2016

Recommended service Temperature 8-12° C

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About the wine 

Winemakers Notes

Reasoned culture, cover in grass, no grasskiller, disbudding, green harvest, work on the soils.

Tasting notes

Eye - Pale golden colour, perfect clarity.

Nose - The nose expresses white flesh fruits and has a good floral side.

Palate - The mouth is chiselled with a wonderful homogeneity from the beginning to the end. A lots of length in mouth with minerality.

Classic Food pairing

Fish and seafood, scallop Carpaccio and goat cheese.

Background Winery

It all began with Pauline, the great-grandmother of Eric, who in 1860 sold her wine at markets. "Les Celliers de la Pauline” (Pauline’s Cellars) owe their name to her as well as our special vintage which was named "Cuvée Pauline" in her honour.
Then his son, Julien, with his wife Louise, took up the torch after Pauline, caring for the vineyard and his wine keeping to the same traditions, with love and respect.
Later came his son Leon, who by marrying Ginette, joined two vineyards, and created the Cellars of the Pauline.
Ginette's father, Paul Cantin known as "Robert" was a famous regional storyteller. He knew how to describe the Sancerre Region and its traditions in the local dialect and singing about the past.

In the 70's, with the developpment of export, Sancerre and Pauline's Cellar became more and more famous in France and worldwide, thanks to the work of Léon Louis.
Heir of all of this traditions, it is nowadays Eric Louis who elaborates the wines of the family with same love and respect of the vineyard, willing to share his passion for his wines and terroir of our beautiful region in France and out of our borders.

Source Eric Louis