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our team help you create a unique wine list.


HOW  ? 

To create a successful wine list you need balance, quality and profitability. We work with many partners and understand what it takes to deliver a high quality, yet sustainable wines list that keeps your customer base (and you accountants) happy.

Call us or email us to make an appointment with one of our sommelier and let us help you create the right list (adapt to your restaurants) for your customers. In the meantime, feel free to browse our extensive list of wines below …

If you choose some products from the Premier Cru whole sale list, You will get 10% off.


Wine Pairing: 

Creation of wine pairing for specials events/dinner :

(Chinese New year / Saint Valentin / Christmas Dinner)



THE Winelovers consultancy Gang (Team of wine lovers)


Le Winelovers consultancy Gang (Team of wine lovers):

A team of Wine Lover can help you on all process to create a great and adapted Winelist for your restaurant or private events (corporate). 

Premier Cru team will help on all the process from the sourcing to supplying your restaurant.

Nous serons la pour vous aider sur toute les étapes, car pour nous etre votre consultant c est faire partie intégrante de votre projets, du moins sur l approche du vins:

L’idee est de vous assister dans la mise en place de votre carte des vins et de vous aider a trouver les vins adaptes a votre concept, ensuite un train sur les équipes en charge de la vente du vins afin qu il soit a meme de pouvoir au mieux accompagner les vins choisis ensemble. 


5 Steps

    •    1 Sourcing products

    •    2 Import your wines

    •    3 Create your « tailor made » wine list

    •    4 Create a pairing list or menue to improve the wines with your food

    •    5 Train your staff