IGP Méditerranée Agasses Val Joanis 2017

IGP Méditerranée Agasses Val Joanis 2017


Region Provence

Viticulture Sustainable Agriculture

Grapes Syrah / Grenache

Vintage 2017

Recommended service Temperature 8 - 12° C

Decanting Pop It

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About the wine

Agasses Rose, is great value for rose wines, light, fresh and clean, thats a easy drinking wines, recommanded for your aperitifs or for your Summer parties.

Tasting notes

Eye - Pale Pink

Nose - Nice aromas of Young red Berries mixed with notes of agrums

Palate - A great easy drink rose, fresh, light and juicy.

Classic Food Pairing

It can be easy to drink for aperitif between friends or otherwise you can pair it with fresh cheese, Fresh ham, provencal vegetables....

Discovery Food Pairing

The rose can be a great pairing with Tempura, Sushi, Pizzas or spicy food.

Background Winery

Producing wines since Roman times, today the estate is owned by the Roozen family, who are continually striving to produce delicious wine, whilst protecting their environment. A beautiful estate of 400 hectares, the 186 hectares of vineyard spread over the hills at altitudes ranging from 280m to 499m, the site of the famous plot ‘Les Griottes’. If you are in Provence do visit this beautiful estate, admire the wonderful gardens, and try its splendid wines.

Since 2005, the gardens have been ranked as "Outstanding Gardens" by the French Ministry of Culture and were awarded "Garden of the Year" in 2008 by the French Association of Horticulture and Garden journalists.

Definitely one of the best value winery of our beautiful range of wines.