Cote du Rhone Mon Coeur JL Chave Selection 2016

Cote du Rhone Mon Coeur JL Chave Selection 2016


Region South Rhone

Viticulture Organic

Grapes Syrah / Grenache

Vintage 2016

Recommended service Temperature 16 - 18°C

Decanting 10min - 20min

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About the wine 

Jean-Louis Chave makes these négociant wines to showcase what he believes to be the potential appellations with which he works. The Côtes du Rhône ‘Mon Coeur’ is a blend of four distinct terroir located in and around Chateauneuf-du-Pape. Not a typical Cotes du Rhone, this wine drinks more like a baby Chateauneuf; perfectly ripe and very aromatic (Herbs de Provence, olives, lavender), this wine makes for a great introduction to the Rhone.

Tasting notes

Eye - Dark Ruby color

Nose - complex Aromas of Rip cherries, Red and blackberry, Peppery spices, Garrigue

Palate - Middle to full Bodied Wine, this blend is Elegant and smooth, a very easy drinking wine.

Classic Food pairing

Grilled or Braised Meats, Beef, Lamb, Duck of even tomatoes, eggplant, 

Background Winery

Domaine Jean-Louis Chave is a family-owned winery, passed from father to son since 1481, currently under the direction of Jean-Louis Chave. In addition to making his own wines, Chave owns a small negociant operation that produces two wines, a St.-Joseph from the north and this Cotes du Rhone, a blend of Grenache and Syrah from mostly Rasteau and Cairanne.

Jean Louis Chave is considered as « The King Of Hermitage », he is the most famous winemaker in the north of Rhône.  Sixteenth generation wine maker Jean-Louis Chave is a perfectionist and one of the most talented winemaker in France. His top cuvées are some of the most highly sought after (and demonstrably best) wines in France.