Cote Rotie Clusel Roch 2015

Cote Rotie Clusel Roch 2015


Region North Rhône

Viticulture Organic

Grapes Syrah

Vintage 2015 / 2014

Recommended service Temperature 16 - 18° C

Decanting 25-40min

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About the wine 

Winemakers Notes

this cuvee makes up most of the wine we produce. Itcomes from vines located above the hamlet of Verenay, mainly in the place known as “La Vialliere”, but also in ”Champon”, ”Le Plomb” and ”Verenay”. The assemblage from these places gives fine, elegant wines, although they do have a definite tannic presence. They can be drunk in the year after bottling, to take full advantage of the youthful aromas or a few years later, when age will have added to their complexity.

Tasting notes

Eye - Dark Purple Robe

Nose - Complex aromas of black fruits, Spices, crushed Violet

Palate - Middle Bodied Syrah, Fresh, elegant and soft tannins

Classic Food pairing

Grilled red meats, Braised Lamb, Vegetables, Mushroom

Background Winery

« For as long as we can remember, in the garden or in the vineyard, farming has always been a part of our family history. We are fervent farmers and fervent winegrowers. This passion for the soil, vines, good wine and good food, means that we continue to follow our family heritage. It drives us to cultivate our Earth in the most natural way possible, whether it is on the vertiginous slopes of Cote-Rotie or on the softer grounds of the Coteaux du Lyonnais. The estate is currently run by Gilbert Clusel, Brigitte Roch and their son Guillaume Clusel. It has eight hectares of vineyards, half a hectare of Condrieu and the rest Cote-Rotie. On three historic vineyards of the Lyonnais Ampuis (Aoc Cote-Rotie), Condrieu (Aoc Condrieu), Millery (Aoc Coteaux Du Lyonnais) » Clusel Roch Family