Crozes Hermitage Cuvée L Combier 2017

Crozes Hermitage Cuvée L Combier 2017


Region North Rhone

Viticulture Sustainable Agriculture

Grapes Syrah

Vintage 2017

Recommended service Temperature 16 - 18° C

Decanting 5-15min

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About the wine

Cuvée L is made with grapes coming from young vineyards (10Years) of Crozes Hermitage area.

This wine have the particularity to be Made in Eggs instead of the traditional Oak.

This New Method who became very famous was created by the most famous and world wide winemaker Mr Chapoutier.

Ranking RVF 16/20

Tasting notes

Eye - Dark Purple Colour

Nose - Nice Aromas of Black Olives, Blackberry Fruits

Palate - Juicy, spicy, The palate settle well on a couch of blackberry with a hints of rose, tanin are easy going.

Classic Food Pairing

Great pairing on grilled or braised red meats, can be interesting as well vegetables risotto.

Background Winery

The Combier family first moved from the Ardèche to the Rhône in 1936 when Camille Combier bought three hectares of vines in the Crozes-Hermitage appellation , and sold his wine to the Tain l'Hermitage co-operative.

The domaine is now run by Laurent Combier, a very practical, open minded winemaker, who produces amazing Syrah, exuberant and élégant style of wine.

He believes that in order to make a great wine, he must allow nature to dictate his work in the vineyards, and bases his decisions on the soils, the living organisms and the lunar calendar.

Since more than 20 years, Domaine Combier is considered as one of the best winery of the appellation Crozes Hermitage.

The very exclusive Clos des Grives, is his famost cuvée of the Domaine, and it is the most wanted bottle in world for Crozes Hermitage.

His 13 hectares of vineyards are farmed organically since more than 30 years, long time before the organic trends.

Since few years, the sons of Laurent Combier (Julien and David) join their father in order to continue this amazing legacy.