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About the "Wine Lovers du club" …

With more than 700 references, Premier Cru is a « wine Library » which mission is to delight every palate with an emphasis on exceptional, rare and value wines.  The club is open to anyone who has an appreciation of fine wine and is interested in sourcing value-for-money premium wines.



Before joining our club, you’ll be invited to take a palate survey which will help Premier Cru’s team to curate a special selection of wines suited to your particular tastes.



Discover and access small-production wineries, promising winegrowers as well as established vineyards at very attractive prices

Each month we'll make new recommendations for you based on your palate  


You will have access to premium wines, a nice fit for a collector who’s looking to stock a cellar.

Enjoy free delivery (1000 HKD min Order) 

You will be invited to attend exclusive tastings and themed pairing dinners  



By invitation only

Invite a friend and receive a gift

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