The only rule to match wine WITH food

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In this article you will learn how to find the better wine according to your food. There is one simple rule to be sure not to go wrong and to become maybe a further sommelier !

At the end we will have an example with foie gras and we will see it is not necessary to take sweet wine with that.

After  reading you can find some examples in our online shop which food you can match with our wines. But if you need to find a wine according to a specific meal you can also look on the internet.

Taste and preferences are subtle and depend on personal preferences, so it is better to understand how to match wine with food and then do it with your taste.


The pillar to respect wine and food during a matching

The main goal with matching is to create a harmony.

The harmony is based on the balance.

To have the better balance you have to deal with intensity of wine and food.

So we must to find a wine that should not be crushed by the food or conversely food should not be crushed by the wine.

Intensity on Food

To understand the intensity on food we can follow this progression :

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For example: with oysters we will find a light body white wine and with a red meat we will choose a medium to full body wine. 

But what is body in wine ?

It is the volume feeling we have on the mouth, the more a wine is full bodied the more it is expressive, stronger.

Intensity on wine

So to understand intensity on wine we have this progression :

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So to match wine with food we have to combine these 2 charts!

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Secondly, we can use this chart to have the order of wine if you will have more than 1 bottle to drink.

Starting with light body wine and low intensity food to go to stronger wine and food.

Example: Starting with sea food and dry white wine, then have white meat with a light body red wine, have full body red wine with the red meat and finishing with dessert and a sweet red wine. 

Why to use a specific order to drink wine?

Your palate adapts itself according to what you eat or drink. So if you start with stronger wine your palate will adapt to it to try to feel all of aromas on it and then if you try another lighter wine, your palate knew too much aromas before and it will be hard to feel other lighter aroma.

Why foie gras can match with another wine other than sweet white wine?

You will understand it is better to finish with sweet white wine, but generally foie gras is a starter of dinner… So how to deal with that ?

Let’s try to see where is our foie gras in our intensity food chart

Capture d’écran 2019-08-23 à 16.12.56.png

If you associate your foie gras with apricot jam or figs jam, it will be on sweet food and of course we can match with sweet white wine ! But it will be better to let your foie gras just before dessert to keep the sugar after the rest of dinner.

But if you join salt and pepper with foie gras, it should be the last starter: we can match it with a light body red wine like pinot noir!

This simple rule will help you to find the best wine according to a meal, you can be sure of your choice. After you understand that and try it, you can focus more on consistencies, aromas, sauce, specificities… to create the best harmony ever !